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 Tribe Lingo

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Moon that Rises at Night

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PostSubject: Tribe Lingo   Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:53 pm

The Tribe has some terms to use instead of Warriors words. If you come across any more, tell me and I'll add them.

(Tribe term->Warrior term)

Healer -> Leader and Medicine Cat
Sharpclaws -> Warriors
Prey Hunter/Cave-guard -> Sharpclaw jobs
To-bes -> Apprentices
Kit-mothers -> Queens
Kits -> Kits
Elders -> Elders

Caught-prey -> Fresh-kill
Time of Rushing Water -> Newleaf, Greenleaf
Time of Frozen Water -> Leaf-fall, Leaf-bare
Beetle-brain -> Mouse-brain
Hawkdung -> Mousedung
Beardung -> Foxdung

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Tribe Lingo
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