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 Winds creation

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Wind that Blows at Dawn
Wind that Blows at Dawn

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PostSubject: Winds creation   Winds creation Icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 11:29 am

Name:Wind that blows at dawn

Tom or She-cat:Tom

Start as Kit or To-be:To-be

Familiarity with the series:Brambleclaw,Crowpaw(soon becomes crowfeather)Squirrelpaw(soon becomes Squirrelflight(i cant spell squirrel right))Stormfur and mistyfoot(i think) leave their clans to find out something that will save the clans and find out about midnight the badger and they cross the tribe twice,then Stormfur becomes infatuated with brook and stays with the tribe on the way to all for clans new home.then later Brook and Stormfur come to the clans again after the giant badger attack.

Appearance:All white

Personality:Reckless but tries to find a solution for everything.

Origins:Wind that blows at dawn was born into the tribe of rushing water 2 days before his mother died.he wants to become a cave guard when he gets a little older.
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Moon that Rises at Night
Moon that Rises at Night

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PostSubject: Re: Winds creation   Winds creation Icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 12:30 pm

Approved! You could have just said what book you're up to or what books you've read. (And it's Feathertail, not Mistyfoot. Feathertail is Stormfur's sister; Mistyfoot is RiverClan deputy)

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Winds creation
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