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Moon that Rises at Night

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PostSubject: Relationships   Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:29 am

If you want to be with someone, sibling, kit, or mate, please PM me and I will post it here.
For kits, the character must have been created and chosen a parent. No PMs necessary there
If you're listed as kits (e.g. Tiger and Acorn), you don't have to do sibling lines. Only if you're siblings with someone and not from a member of the Tribe.

(M) = Mate
(S) = Sibling
(K) = Kit-mother/Kit(s)
(D) = Deceased [next to cat if dead, red if both are dead]

Fog(D)/Moon (M)
Moon/Acorn, Tiger, Rose, Dawn, Emerald, Eagle, Rain, Bramble, Thunder, Flame, Sleet, Ice, Sun (K)
Cloud/Star (S)

~Site Co-Owner~

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