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Enter the world of the Mountains with the Tribe of Rushing Water!
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 Tribe Rules

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Moon that Rises at Night

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PostSubject: Tribe Rules   Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:46 pm

Rules of the Tribe of Rushing Water:

1) Prey-hunters hunt for the Tribe, they must not guard caves, even if asked by friends/mates; it is not their place to guard cats
2) Cave-guards guard the Tribe, by guarding caves and hunting parties, they rarely hunt; it is not their place to hunt for the Tribe unless needed for protection of some sort (e.g. a hawk tries to get a kit, Cave-guard kills it; we can eat it.)
3) Kits must be at least 5 moons old to become a To-be
4) To-bes must have been trained for a minimum of 2 moons to become a To-be
5) Until further notice, Moon That Rises at Night and Mist That Fades at Dawn will mentor the To-bes
6) The Healer, and his To-be, are forbidden to fall in love

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Tribe Rules
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