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 Rank Rules

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PostSubject: Rank Rules   Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:32 pm

Rules for ranks are as applies:

If you join as a...
Kit: You have to wait 2 weeks before you can become a To-be, and you may fill out the To-be Template at any time before you are apprenticed.
To-be: You may be trained right after, after you fill out the To-be Template and we hold your Ceremony.

Kit -> To-be: Your cat must be 5 moons old (2 weeks at least) and have filled out the To-be Template

To-be -> Sharpclaw: Your mentor must have trained you for at least a moon or 2 (RP) and must talk to Moon or Mist and Feather about the ceremony.

To-be -> Healer: Only one cat may take on this rank. It is a honor to be a Healer. The current Healer must consult with the Tribe of Endless Hunting and tell if his To-be is ready to become a "full" Healer (they will always be a To-be Healer).

The most senior Prey-hunter and Cave-guard are the "leaders" of their group of cats (like a deputy to Warriors)

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Rank Rules
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