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 Sharpclaw Requirements

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PostSubject: Sharpclaw Requirements   Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:28 pm

I'm posting these because I'm a bit sick of people asking me if they can be a Sharpclaw.
Number 1: Might as well ask your mentor, and me. We'll decide, and tell Feather.
Number 2: I'm making requirements, so Don't ask me from now on! TELL ME YOU'RE READY!
Number 3: Meh, there is no number 3. But no one like stopping at 2, do we? lol!

[ ] Have had battle and hunting training
[ ] Have participated in at least 1 dream (social interaction)
[ ] Have had an assessment
[ ] Are not injured seriously, lost, or running away at the time

I put the [ ] there so you can post it on your siggy if you want. It can make things easier, but I'm not making you. I can put it there, but I want you to choose Very Happy Just put x's ( [x] ) when you get the requirement.

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Sharpclaw Requirements
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